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The Two Most Important Kentucky Business Foreclosure Decisions…

Posted in Counterclaim, Forbearance, Kentucky Law, Receivership
…arise out of the same case.  The cases are Thompson v. BB&T, 2008-CA-1217 (Ky. Ct. App., June 12, 2009) (“Thompson I“) and Thompson v. BB&T, 2009-CA-1427 (Ky. Ct. App., Jan. 28, 2011) (“Thompson II“). Both decisions arise out of a commercial lending dispute that boiled over into a foreclosure in which the borrower asserted sizeable… Continue Reading

Enforcing Troubled Business Debt In Kentucky

Posted in Foreclosure, Kentucky Law, Receivership
That troubled business credit in Kentucky is slowly but surely winding its way through your workout roadmap.  Despite your generous extension, efforts to broker a refinancing have failed.  Your borrower stops making payments.  Your borrower resists discussing a friendly liquidation.  Pretty soon, your borrower stops returning your calls altogether.  You reach out to counsel.  What… Continue Reading