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Comer Introduces Industrial Hemp Bill

Posted in Healthcare, Kentucky Law, New Rule
Kentucky Representative (and former agriculture commissioner) James Comer introduced new legislation (H.R. 3530) to reduce the burden of regulations and statutes applicable to industrial hemp, an industry which is growing by leaps and bounds in Kentucky. Currently, the statute allows “pilot projects” and “research,” but the industry needs more clarity and certainty to encourage investment… Continue Reading

Protecting the Lender: Strategies for Extending Credit to Health Care Providers

Posted in Accounts Receivable, Collateral, Healthcare, Uncategorized, Workouts
Contrary to popular belief, lending to a doctor is risky business. The business of a health care provider is specialized and, therefore requires specialized lending. Lenders cannot simply repackage loan documents used for other industries, and having a lien on receivables may not alleviate the risk. Lenders must accurately value the collateral and to do… Continue Reading

Collateral Damage: More on Healthcare Receivables Under the ACA

Posted in Accounts Receivable, Affordable Care Act, Collateral, Healthcare
In a previous post, I wrote about potential looming trouble for lenders that have healthcare receivables as collateral. @KHNews has a more in-depth article on the 30-90 day rule applied to insurers that provide ACA exchange plans. If an enrollee in an ACA plan fails to pay premiums, the insurer is required to reimburse the… Continue Reading

Healthcare Accounts Receivable and Possible Looming Troubles?

Posted in Accounts Receivable, Collateral, Healthcare
Accounts receivable are often the most significant asset of a healthcare provider. As this @MorningEdition interview points out (Doctors’ Offices Get Put on Hold Trying to Find Out Who’s Insured), there could be a slowdown in insurance reimbursements on those newly enrolled in an Obamacare (ACA) exchange insurance plan. Moreover, the insurance company could seek… Continue Reading