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Into The Void: Kentucky Adopts Uniform Fraudulent … er, I Mean … Voidable Transactions Act

Posted in Fraudulent Transfer, Kentucky Law
Until 2016, Kentucky was one of just a few states that had not adopted a model statute relating to fraudulent transfers.  As mentioned in a prior post on Kentucky’s statutory quirkiness, its statute descended neither from the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (“UFTA”) nor the Uniform Fraudulent Conveyance Act (“UFCA”).  Effective this year, however, Kentucky is at the leading edge… Continue Reading

Goodbye UFTA, Hello UVTA

Posted in Fraudulent Transfer
If you’re in the business of what the original Statute of Elizabeth called “the avoiding of feigned, covinous and fraudulent feoffments,” and if you’re in one of the 25 states currently utlizing the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, you’re likely to be doing so using the newly titled Uniform Voidable Transactions Act very soon.  In mid-July, the National… Continue Reading